I’m Lashanda Salinas, I am 42 years old. I have been HIV positive for 26 years, I am a peer volunteer for Healthy University (Peer Program) at Nashville Cares in Nashville, TN. I have been doing that for about a year. In 2006-2007 I was charged with Criminal exposure to HIV. I could not prove that I informed the individual of my HIV status and so I went to jail. I have had other issues since then and these experiences have led to my advocacy work. I was involved with “Day on the Hill’ with Nashville CARES in 2021, where I spoke to Congress members as well as a Senator regarding HIV criminalization and the barriers and challenges it causes with employment and housing. I also speak to our Healthy Relationships groups monthly regarding HIV Criminalization; Healthy Relationships is a CDC small group effective intervention, for individuals living with HIV to define stress and reinforce coping skills across three life areas—disclosing to family and friends, disclosing to sexual partners, and building healthier and safer relationships.